Panasonic ES-WD94-P Epilator Review

If you are looking to buy an epilator that really gets the job done you should try the Panasonic ES-WD94-P Epilator. It is an improvement on the Panasonic model ES-WD51-P and it is easy to see why people like it so much. To find out exactly why people love it so much we decided to do a full Panasonic ES-WD94-P epilator review. To remain unbiased we looked at both the good and the not-so-good. Read on to find out what makes this epilator so great.

Panasonic ES-WD94-P Epilator Features

  • It is a 6 in 1 epilator with dual disc and a head that glides from side to side. It has 48 rotating tweezing discs that remove all hair. The 6 attachments include an epilator head, epilation beginner cap, an epilation gentle cap, a shaver head, bikini comb and for your feet, a foot care head which is a pumice stone attachment that you use to remove dead skin.
  • All blades are nickel-free and hypo-allergenic which makes it the perfect shaver for sensitive skin.It is waterproof so you can use t in the shower. If you decide to have a dry shave it is recommended that you use foam or gel to make shaving easier.
  • You get a LED light so that you can see and target even the finest hairs.
  • It comes with a complete kit of replacement accessories as well as a travel pouch, a cleaning brush, a charger and attachment.
  • It is cordless and is powered by battery. If you charge it for 1 hour you can use it for 30 minutes.
  • The head on this epilator is made to swivel so that it moves smoothly across contours of the body.
  • It is easy to clean.
  • Panasonic made this epilator with their patented Skin Protector System. This holds the skin down as you shave so that there is less irritation.
  • You don’t get cuts and bruises while shaving because the tweezers are designed not to come in contact with your skin while at the same time removing hair from the root.
  • If you want to shave your face you can use the smallest head.

Is there anything not to like about the Panasonic ES-WD94-P epilator?

  • Cannot be used while plugged into the charger
  • Has only 1 speed option
  • LED light can be distracting

Most users say they love it – it gets the job done every time and hair doesn’t grow back for a while. There are some complaints about the fact that it cannot be used while plugged into the charger. Panasonic did this on purpose so that people don’t electrocute themselves. Some people also don’t like the fact that it only has one speed. This is true; there are other shavers in this range that do a very good job and that come with 2 speeds. The LED light is also distracting for some users. It is very bright and cannot be turned off.

Overall conclusion?

After doing our Panasonic ES-WD94-P epilator review, we feel that this is definitely a good epilator to have – it gets the job done alright. If you really care about speed there are epilators in the market that come with more than one speed.