How to choose an epilator

Before purchasing an epilator that fits your needs, it is advisable to read a few honest reviews. After reading those reviews, you will probably be even more confused because most epilators are really good. We know that you are a unique person so the best epilator is not a universal model, not every woman will want to buy the same device.  After reading this article, you will know how to choose an epilator!

It all depends on your own wishes. So asking, what is the best epilator to buy is unnecessary.  This is why we are going to discuss all the differences you should take in mind when choosing a brand new epilator. Sounds great no?

The only thing we can advise out of experience is that we highly recommend that you get a good quality epilator.

Here is the list of the different features between epilators:

Do you want to epilate wet or dry?

Fact: we know that epilating works best on dry skin, but technology is changing fast. So at the time you are reading this, the difference can already be diminished. The latest epilators work under the shower and water.

This has a couple of advantages:

  • Hair is gone
  • Less pain
  • Washable epilator
  • Cordless


Epilators come in corded, rechargeable and battery operated models. So which one do you want?

In our opinion, the rechargeable models are the best ones though they are more costly. But if you are planning to epilate often, this can be compensated for the costs and frustration of batteries.

Next up: how many tweezers do you want?

These discs remove hair from the root. If you never have epilated before you will find out that it can take a long time. No worries, this is only at first.  If you opt to have more tweezers this will drastically lower the duration of your epilation sessions, but it can also be more painful. Nonetheless, it also means that the pain doesn’t last as long.

PainStop pain

Epilating can be painful especially for people who never used an epilator before; this is because epilating involves removing the hairs from the roots. There are several ways to avoid this unnecessary pain.  There are several features that can reduce the pain and irritation you experience while epilating.

  1. Attachments like caps can make the epilation a lot more fun and less painful.


  • sensitive area head or cap


This is used for sensitive spots that you can use for your underarms and your bikini area.

  • Shaver head or cap


This enables you to use your epilator as a dry shaver.

  • Facial head or cap


This cap is specially made to remove unwanted facial hair.

For other information on tips and tricks for avoiding pain while epilating please read our article on practical tips for epilating.

What body part do you want to epilate?

An epilator is primarily used by most women to epilate their legs. However, it can be used for other areas, if you get an epilator with different feature caps it is possible to use it for various body parts like underarms and bikini area. If you are looking to epilate hard to reach areas, it is advisable to buy a small epilator.

Some epilators have features like skin contour adaptation. This smoothly adapts to your body contours which result in more comfort and maximum thoroughness.

Buzzing sound

Most epilators make an incredibly loud sound. This depends on the model you purchased there is a difference between different models. This is something you can keep in mind when choosing your epilator.

Speed settings

On some epilators, it is possible to adjust the speed of the rotating head. What is the advantage of this? It depends on the thickness of the hair, leg hair requires a faster speed compared to fine hair on the arms.


Epilators with a light function make it easier for you to see if you have forgotten any hairs.


The most epilators that we have examined range from 35 to 120 dollars. While spending more doesn’t necessarily mean that you get better performance, the more features you want, the more it will cost.

Now you know what to look for when purchasing an epilator. Now you are ready to take a look at our article about the current best epilators for women.

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