The Best Remington Electric Epilators – Buyers Guide

You cannot talk about the best epilators available today without mentioning Remington. Although theirs are cheaper than many other epilators in the market, Remington puts their 75 years of experience manufacturing epilators to work every time they create a new one. Looking at the kind of epilators that they produce it is obvious that they are focused on women with low and middle-level incomes. So what are some of their best products and what makes them special? Let us have a look

Remington EP7030 – Read Full Review
Buy Remington Products EP7030 Epilator
This epilator is light and easy to handle and also very efficient at removing hair. It is so good that you can stay 6 weeks without shaving again – it gets hair right from the roots to ensure that it doesn’t grow back fast. Whether you want a wet shave or a dry one the results will be just as good. It has 40 tweezers that allow you to shave large portions of skin at the same time. You have 2 speed settings – 1 for soft, fine hair and 2 for coarser hair such as on the legs. It is designed with a pivoting head to make sure that it goes over body contours easily. The massage cap contains aloe vera which immediately soothes the skin right after you epilate. Is there anything not to like? Some reviews have commented that they were not able to get rid of coarse hair. Many others say that it worked just fine. You can shave your chin and moustache line quite easily and this is something that many users seem to be very pleased about. For just about $60, you are definitely getting yourself a great deal with this easy to use epilator.

Remington EP6025 – Read Full Review
Buy Remington EP6025 Womens Epilator
This one is more expensive at about $160, but you will be glad that you spent the money. Like its sister above, it is very light and easy to use. It is also just as effective and efficient – you can go 6 weeks with a smooth skin. You can use it with or without water for great results, but it is suggested that if you have a sensitive skin you should use a cream to avoid pain or rashes. It has 40 tweezers and a rotating head meaning you get a fast shave. You also get a 2 speed setting just like above as well as a massaging cap that contains aloe vera. Some people have said that they had problems with coarse hair, but they must have very coarse hair because many others seem very pleased with this epilator. It has a great battery life – you can shave your face chin, moustache line, underarms, bikini line and legs without recharging it. Should you buy it? If the cost isn’t too much for you this is a Remington epilator that is worth investing in.

Remington EP6010 – Read Full Review

Buy Remington EP6010 Smooth and Silky Full Size Epilator

This one is in the same priced more affordably at about $60, but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t get the job done. It may be due to the fact that it is corded which means that you cannot use it in the bath or shower but there is an advantage in it not having a battery – you don’t have to worry about running out of battery charge. It is for use on any part of your body and it does a great job on both fine and coarse hair because it has a 2 speed setting. For some reason, this one has 42 tweezers which makes it even better than the two we have discussed. Its head can pivot so you can reach all areas of your body. This one gets little criticism – most people simply love it.

Overall conclusion on Remington epilators?

They are great, and not just the 3 that are discussed here. Buy one and you will not be disappointed.