The Best Emjoi Electric Epilators

Emjoi is slowly making a name for itself in the epilator market. 

It definitely cannot compete with giants such as Braun and Phillips, but some of their epilators get 4 stars quite consistently. 

If they keep it up they could have some of the best epilators in the market in the next few years. This article looks at 3 epilators that have got excellent reviews from users

Emjoi Devine AP-17B – Full Review

The one reason that so many women consider this epilator is the price – it retails for just $25. That said, it has some impressive features. Number one, it has 36 tweezers that work fast and make shaving painless. This is facilitated by the patented skin glide technology that allows the epilator to glide effortlessly over the skin. Pain is also reduced because of the massaging finger action that the epilator performs as you shave. Because the head is contoured it keeps the skin taut during epilation which means that hairs are plucked more efficiently from the roots. When hair is removed from the root it takes longer to re-grow, sometimes up to 6 weeks. You can only use this epilator on your legs, your underarms and your bikini line – you cannot use it on your face. The dual speed feature means that you can shave coarse as well as fine hair with ease. You can use it in the shower because it is battery operated. Is there anything not to like? Some people have complained of pain while shaving. If this will be an issue for you try using shaving foam and then apply aloe vera cream after you shave.

Emjoi AP-18S – Full Review

Buy Emjoi Emagine 4Men Epilator

This epilator is unique – it was designed for men, but we decided to review it here anyway because it comes with an impressive set of features. The first is a whopping 72 tweezers which allow for speedy hair removal – you get 130,000 tweezes a minute. Its head is contoured as well which means that the skin is taut as you shave leading to more effective hair removal with less pain. You get a shaver and trimmer attachment as well as a comb attachment. Men with sensitive skin will be happy with this epilator – it has built-in Lifetime Antimicrobial Protection Against Damaging Bacteria. This is a special technology that is being used by Emjoi alone. Because it has 2 speeds it can remove both coarse and fine hair. Ìs there anything not to like about this men’s epilator? Surprisingly, most reviews from guys say that it is quite effective for use on their legs and backs – so long as you are willing to bear the pain. Some have claimed that it is more painful than waxing, but it got rid of all the hair just as promised. If nothing else has worked for you in the past you may want to consider bearing the pain and spend the $120 that it costs.

Emjoi AP-18 Emagine – Full Review

Buy Emjoi AP-18 EmagineThis one costs around $100 and it has been described as one of the best epilators in the market. It is easy to see why – it has 72 tweezers and despite what you may be thinking, this one is for women, not men. It has 2 speeds to remove all kinds of hair. It also has glide technology, staggered dual-opposed head, silver ion technology to keep it hygienic, middle lifting fingers for flat hairs and a pivoting head. That said, it is made for use on legs, underarms and bikini area but not the face. What is not to like? Some have complained of pain. There are also many who don’t like the fact that it cannot come in contact with water at all which means that you cannot clean it.

Overall Conclusions on Emjoi Epilators?

They are still young in this market, but they are making genuine efforts to join the giants.