10 Practical Epilation Tips

Epilation can be a pain (literally) especially if you are doing it for the first time. If not done properly it will hurt, it will leave you with a rash and skin irritation and worst of all you will not wind up with the perfectly smooth skin that you were aiming for. To help you avoid all this, we have compiled a list of top epilation tips that you can use to ensure painless epilation that leaves your skin looking gorgeous.

  1. Buy a good epilator
    This is the best epilation tip in the world. There are many epilators in the market and you may be tempted to go with a cheap one to save money. It isn’t worth it. Most cheap epilators are painful and they will make epilating agony. You are much better off spending a bit more and having a better epilating experience.
  2. Don’t wait too long between epilations.
    The longer you wait the longer your hair grows and the more painful it is. In the beginning, you should epilate at least once every two weeks. If you epilate regularly you will find that your hair grows less and less and is, therefore, less painful to shave.
  3. Epilating dry skin causes it to dry out too much and it will open your pores up.
    If you prefer to do wet epilation you should make sure that the water is warm – hot water will dry out the skin as well.
  4. Start epilating in the places where you will feel the least pain such as the lower legs. As you proceed to more sensitive areas your pain threshold is higher.
  5. Stretch your skin with one hand as you epilate with the other for less pain.
  6. Many people have a problem with ingrown hairs – they are unsightly and they get in the way of a perfect looking skin. You can avoid this by exfoliating on a regular basis.
  7. Clean your epilator and its accessories frequently to remove dead skin and any hairs that may be stuck. A clean epilator is important if you want to avoid infections. You should also not share your epilator with others.
  8. Do you have an important event coming up? Shave a day in advance to give your skin time to go back to normal. If you shave on the day and you get skin irritation you may not be able to wear that little black dress that you were planning to.
  9. Your epilator comes with two speeds. The slower one is for fine hair and the faster one for longer, coarse hair. Make sure to adjust the epilator according to that area that you are shaving. If you use the slower speed for coarse hair you are subjecting yourself to unnecessary pain.
  10. For wet epilation, let your skin soak in water for about 5 minutes before you get started. You should use a shower gel for smoother results. For wet epilation, you can apply a little bit of talcum powder for smoother skin.

These 10 epilation tips will give you great results but is there anything that you should NOT do? As a matter of fact there is:

  • If you are going to do dry epilation do not apply skin lotion before – it causes hairs to lie flat on the skin and they can be hard to reach.
  • Do not epilate against the direction of hair growth – it is more painful and it less effective as most hairs will be cut in half rather than pulled from the root.
  • Use a gentle, light moisturizer afterwards that will not clog your pores – clogged pores are often the reason why pimples form.

Now you know how to get the best epilation results with the least pain. If you notice that your skin is too irritated or that epilating is more painful than you can take it may be the kind of epilator that you are using. Although epilation is painful it usually isn’t so much that you can’t stand it. Look online and see whether there are others who report the same effects with the same brand of epilator that you are using. If you find them it may be time for you to buy a different kind.

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