ES WD51 pFinding a good and honest enough Panasonic ES-WD51-P Epilator Review is somewhat difficult. One has to acknowledge that this is a masterpiece that seeks to make hair removal for women almost effortless. Neatness is important to women, and staying clean shave is a desire of every girl. This is why the Panasonic ES WD51-P Epilator is a must-have.

The Pro’s

  • It can be used for both wet and dry epilating.

This is good news for women regardless of their preference. There are women who like shaving while bathing and others who would rather do it on dry skin. Either way, Panasonic ES-WD51-P Epilator works just fine.

  • Its design

It is undeniable this epilator was designed with the user in mind. It comes with three attachments including, a bikini trimmer attachment, a shaver and the epilator. It is, therefore, an efficient tool for hair removal and ensures a clean shave. This is what has earned it the tag ‘full hair removal system’.

Furthermore, the epilator is made with finesse as a prime characteristic of its design. It is a fast tool and helps to perfectly remove hair. It is designed to guarantee painless shaving session. Unlike most other epilators, it does not pinch or hurt your skin.

  • Travel Pouch

When one is making a product for use by women, it is important that they make the product as friendly as possible. The manufacturers of Panasonic ES-WD51-P Epilator clearly understand this. This product comes complete with a travel pouch, making it easy to carry on a trip. They even made it a classy gadget to be seen with while travelling.

  • Safety and efficiency

Most people are reluctant to shave the lower abdomen. But this epilator is faultless in shaving those areas. Moreover, you are guaranteed of absolute safety when using it while bathing. There is no risk of electric shocks.

The Cons

As much as this product is amazing, it comes with some flaws. Here are some of them:

  • It has only one Speed: Unlike most epilators, the ES-WD51 comes with a single speed. It is not possible to adjust the shaving speed as one would desire. This explains why it is not effective in shaving small hairs.
  • No light: Light has for long been part of an epilator, and as good as this epilator is, it lacks one. Therefore, you have to work with alternative lighting to complete your shaving. It also has a shorter battery life.

Difference between the Panasonic ES-WD51-P and the ES-WD94-P Epilator.

The ES-WD94-P epilator has been the alternative shaving tool for women. Unlike the WD51, it has a light to allow for easier shaving. Additionally, one can vary the shaving speed. It also has a longer battery life.

A review for a product for use by women should help those who have a desire for neatness to make the best possible choice. This Panasonic ES-WD51-P Epilator review hopes to do that. There is no reason for making the wrong choice now. Take a look at your needs and what this product offers and decide. Its pros far outweigh its cons. You definitely should buy one.