Facial epilators are a dime a dozen; if you type in the search terms “epilator for face” you will get so many results that it can be rather confusing to know what is the real deal and what isn’t. To help clear up the confusion we delved into the market ourselves with one goal: to find the top 3 best facial epilators in the market today. As you will see shortly, the best epilators for facial hair are not what you always expect. Price doesn’t seem to factor in either – we found that some of the best ones are quite affordable. To make sure that you get only legitimate products we looked at epilators on Amazon. At the end of each review, there will be a link leading you back to the Amazon page where you can buy the facial epilator.

Emjoi Epi Slim Epilator
16 Tweezers
Loud: 74 Db
Battery Operated: Great for Travel
Great For Beginners!
Also works for Bikini Line
Disadvantage: Painful
Braun Face 8
10 Tweezers
Cleaning Brush Included
Battery Operated: Great for Travel
4 Weeks Hair Free Skin
Created for Chin, Upper Lip, and Forehead and to maintain Eyebrows
The bidirectional switch allows you to epilate with ease on both sides of the face.
Special: Facial cleansing—6X better than manual cleansing
Remington EP7030
40 Tweezers
Loud: 75 Db
Light and Easy to handle
Not only Facial Epilator - Can be used for every area!
2 Speed Settings
Massaging cap that has aloe vera


If you are still looking for other epilators that can be used not only to epilate your face but also other areas of your body please consider the following ones:

Philips HP6576

Philips have long since distinguished themselves when it comes to epilators and this one is a definite winner with a whopping 4 out of 5 stars. It is a rechargeable facial epilator that is loaded with useful features:

Philips HP6576 Perfect Epilator

  • It has the widest head of all Philips epilators (facial and body) which means that with one stroke you get a lot of hair. Because of its deep shaving ability it will take you just a few minutes to get rid of all facial hair and it can take months for it to grow back.
  • It is fitted with ceramic discs so that even the finest of hairs are not left behind.
  • To make sure that you see all hair, the epilator comes with tweezers that are fitted with a light.
  • The cap is made to pivot so that it can move easily across the contours of the face and you get two speeds that you can adjust depending on the texture of the hair that you are shaving.
  • Flat lying hairs are captured by a special hair lifter.
  • Those who have a sensitive skin will be happy to know that this epilator is hypoallergenic.
  • To make sure that skin is not irritated this epilator has an active massaging system.

Is there anything that is not to like? Not from most of the reviews that we looked at. Most people are completely satisfied with this facial epilator. They also like the fact that they don’t have to part with an arm and a leg to own one – with a little more than $100 you will get a brand new one on Amazon. Click here to find out more:

Panasonic ES-ED90-P

This epilator gets a whopping 4.5 stars in reviews so we were curious to find out why and it was soon apparent; it comes with very impressive features.


  • You get a 6-in-1 hair removal system which includes an epilation head, epilation beginner cap, epilation gentle cap, foot care head, shaver head and a bikini cap. This means that it is more than just a facial epilator – you can use it for hair on other parts of the body.
  • The head tilts to a 600 angle which allows it to take hair right from the follicle. When hair is removed like this it takes a long time to grow back.
  • You need to charge it for only 1 hour to get a shave 90 minutes long.
  • Another very impressive feature is the side by side gliding head that contains 48 rotating discs, each packed with tweezers for effective hair removal.
  • It is cordless which means that you can use it in or out of the shower. You have the choice of a dry shave but for those who have sensitive skin you can use foam or shaving gel.
  • Here is another one for those who have sensitive skin – this epilator has a nickel-free hypoallergenic blade.
  • It has a LED light so that you can see even the finest of hairs.

What is not to like about the Panasonic ES-ED90-P?

Most reviewers simply LOVE this body and facial epilator. According to many it is the best epilator that they have ever used. If you want to see for yourself just click here:

Braun SE7681

Braun is another leading manufacturer of facial epilators and this is one of their best, scoring 4 out of 5 stars on Amazon reviews. It is easy to see why so many women are impressed by this body and facial epilator – it is loaded with features that make it stand out. Here is what you will be getting:

  • It has 40 close-grip tweezers that will remove all kinds of hair no matter how short. It picks hair by the roots which means that it takes longer to grow back. It will get hair as short as 0.5mm long.
  • It has 5 attachments: a shaver head, a trimmer cap, an efficiency cap, a sensitive area cap, and a facial cap. All these are designed to use on different areas of the body.
  • You get 2 speeds that you can adjust depending on the coarseness of the facial or body hair shaving. Dual speeds are also great if you have sensitive facial skin – you can adjust speeds if your facial skin is sensitive.
  • You can use it in the shower because it is cordless.

What is not to like?

Again not much that we could find. Most women who bought it seem very pleased. The worst rating it gets is 3 stars which tell you that it is a rather superior facial epilator. You can see for yourself here:

There you have it! The best three epilators for face that we could find on Amazon. Whichever one of these that you choose will definitely get the job done.