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We reviewed all the best epilators:
Braun SE7681 Silk
Panasonic ES-WD94-P
Remington EP7030
Emjoi Ap 18 emagine
Philips HP6401 Satinelle Epilator Review

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The Best of Braun Electric Epilators

Braun, the German manufacturing giant, has been producing top of the line epilators for years. Theirs are among the best in the market and they can easily compare (and many times surpass) others in the business like Phillips and Panasonic. We did thorough reviews of some of their top sellers […]

The Best Panasonic Electric Epilators

The Best Panasonic Electric Epilators

When it comes to epilators Panasonic is hard to beat – they are yet to design an epilator that doesn’t perform. You can expect to get both great looks and effectiveness from every model they have built. Although you will part with more money than if you went with many […]

The Best Philips Electric Epilators

The Best Philips Electric Epilators

If you are looking for a great epilator you should consider buying one made by Phillips – they have designed some of the best selling epilators in the market today. Just like most of the other electronics they make, their epilators are designed with usability and efficiency in mind. To […]

The Best Remington Electric Epilators – Buyers Guide

The Best Remington Electric Epilators – Buyers Guide

You cannot talk about the best epilators available today without mentioning Remington. Although theirs are cheaper than many other epilators in the market, Remington puts their 75 years of experience manufacturing epilators to work every time they create a new one. Looking at the kind of epilators that they produce […]


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